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Try some different Yoga styles and techniques this holiday

Small groups mean personal attention

When we say our Yoga holidays are all about you, we mean it. We will always make sure we can give you individual attention, ensuring that you maintain the correct alignment in your postures and helping you to make adjustments where necessary. This way, you will get maximum benefit not only during your time with us, but also for your future Yoga practice.

Every day, we offer a mix of classes at different levels: beginner, improver, improver plus and mixed level. Also see our sample schedule. All our classes are designed to be progressive and will enable you to begin or continue self practice at home.

Gentle Hatha-based Yoga classes

These classes are a great introduction to Yoga and do wonders if you want to relieve stress, improve your overall well-being and relaxation. Our Hatha classes are suitable for all levels. Based on the Satyandanda Yoga tradition, they concentrate on the learning of traditional asana (postures), breathing, mindfulness and listening to the body.

Unlike our flow based classes (in which we flow through poses connected by sun salutations), in this class a simpler and slower sun salutation is practiced to warm the body up after simple joint-freeing exercises. Then the emphasis shifts to longer held poses, core strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. The classes finish with the opportunity to explore some basic meditation techniques.

Yoga Nidra

Our Yoga Nidra classes are a great way to complete your day. Yoga Nidra facilitates deep relaxation and rest; these classes are suitable for all levels.

A half hour guided meditation is given while you are lying in a restorative reclining position. These classes are so relaxing, the challenge is not to fall asleep!

Benefits of Yoga Nidra sessions include releasing muscular, emotional and mental tension, reducing stress, enhancing memory and learning capacity, increasing will power, awakening creativity and releasing repressed matter.

Recover from injury by improving your alignment

If you are dealing with any health conditions or injury, we always recommend exploring our alignment-focused classes (Satyananda and Modified Primary) before venturing into the flowing-style class. This way, you can learn which modifications will help keep your practice safe and enjoyable. If you are unsure, just have a chat with one of our Yoga instructors when you arrive; they can surely guide you in the right direction.

Yoga and so much more

The Yoga classes of Healthy Options can truly compete with the best of them when it comes to quality standards. Yet we are not a 'resort style' holiday where improving your healthy is serious work. Instead, we offer activity based holidays with a strong focus on Yoga and Pilates. But there is so much more to do at our holiday base! See the list of trips and activities.

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